16 Fun and Useful Gifts For Crafters

It’s time to find the perfect gift.  If you’re buying one for a crafter or DIYer this might seem challenging given that they are always coming up with very creative ones themselves.  As a crafter myself I can tell you that there are plenty of gift options out there to support their wonderful hobby.  Here are 16 useful and thoughtful gifts for crafters from a fellow crafter/DYIer.  You’ll probably notice a few running themes in the items I’ve selected below:  Quality, colorful, multi-purpose and reasonably priced.  I also own everything listed below (minus the gift cards), so I can vouch for the usefulness, quality (and the fun)!

16 Gifts for Crafters



1. Eat Sleep Craft Mug:  This cutie may not fit under any specific category, but it sure makes me smile whenever I fill it up and get to work on another project.  The saying is simple and the inside red color makes it pop and stand out.  Great for anyone you’re not sure exactly what to get.  Also it’s really cute gift with a few crafting supplies or gift cards thrown inside.

Eat sleep craft mug
Eat. Sleep. Craft. Mug


Colorful, sparkly and functional supplies are always wonderful gifts for crafters as they inspire new projects.  I have to admit that on more than one occasion I’ve bought craft supplies just because they were pretty and they always sparked some wonderful and unexpected idea.

2. Prismacolor Colored Pencils:  These colored pencils are definitely a step up from the Crayolas we used as kids.  They are saturated with color and look beautiful on any projects, especially the very popular adult coloring books out now.  I was introduced to them in college arts classes and now have a 24 pack (although 48 and larger are available as well).

Prismacolor colored pencils
Prismacolor Colored Pencils

3. Sharpie Markers:  My favorite markers that come in a ton of colors and write on anything.  So versatile and fun at a reasonable price.

Sharpie markers
Sharpie Markers

4. Mod Podge Set:  I’m a big fan of Mod Podge.  There are so many crafts you can do with it.  They make many varieties now (I.e. Glossy, Matte, Outdoors, etc), so I found this kit really helpful to be able to try out a bunch without the commitment to a single large jar.

Mod podge set
Mod Podge Set

5. Glitter Library:  Who doesn’t love glitter?  It’s sparkly and colorful and makes any project more beautiful and fun.  We have a number of posts in the blog that use glitter because everyone in my family is a big fan of the stuff.  It’s a good chance your crafter might be as well.  This kit, in particular, I love because the containers have screw on caps (less chance of spills) and the range of colors is really nice. Here is the updated one from Target.

Glitter set
Glitter Set

6. Washi Tape:  My older daughter uses our washi tape on everything (and I mean everything!), so I have to hoard any tape I want to use on a project.  Yes, it’s that fun!  It comes in countless colors and prints and has unlimited uses, so any rolls you buy will be a winner.

Washi tape set
Washi Tape Set

7. Crafting Twine:  I bought this pack from Target a while back with no particular project in mind.  It’s super colorful and happy, not to mention inexpensive.  Always good have around for finishing off a project.    It also came in a number of different color combos, such as red and white which is perfect for any Christmas or Valentine crafts. They unfortunately don’t make it anymore, however, they make this highly colorful one now that is equally fun.

Crafting twine
Crafting Twine


I affectionately call this section ‘Tools That Rule’ because they truly are a game changer for making projects easier.  I have everything that I speak about, some for many years, so I can vouch for each and every one.  They are multi-purpose and durable which makes them a win-win for any crafter and don’t break the bank, making them great gift ideas.

8. Jewelry Tools:  Jewelry tools are really just small pliers with different tips (noses) and a wire cutter.  While they can be used for making jewelry (I’ve made a ton with mine), they come in super handy for any project that uses wire.  There are several types of pliers tips.  The most basic and used are the needle nosed and the round nosed.  Those two, along with the wire cutter, can do most any project.  The flat nosed and bent nosed pliers are definitely useful, but a bonus in my book.

Jewelry tools
Jewelry Tools

9. Leatherman Micra:  I got my Micra many years ago (like +12) and it still functions beautifully.  It has a number of useful tools, but the scissors is by far the best (most used) with its sharp edges.  A compact tool that every knitter, crocheter or crafter should have, especially for travel.

Leatherman micra
Leatherman Micra

10. Leatherman Juice (or Squirt):  I’ve had my Leatherman Juice about as long as I’ve had my Micra.  Wonderful tool with so many features (Pliers, knife, saw, scissors, bottle opener, cork screw, multiple screw drivers).  The pliers gets the most use, but every tool has helped at one point in time…especially the cork screw.  Know any crafters who drink wine?  For another good Leatherman tool with a few less tools (as well as lower cost), the Squirt is a good option to check out.

Leatherman juice
Leatherman Juice

11. Tool Bag:  Don’t let the pink color of the bag fool you.  Each tool in the bag is fully functioning and not a toy.  We initially bought this bag for our older daughter as a way to “assist” daddy with his building projects and we’re delightfully surprised at how well the tools were made.  For any crafters and DIYers this is a sweet find for the price.  It also comes in blue and black if pink’s not your thing (although I must admit the pink color helps when searching the house for a tool).

Essentials tool bag
Essentials Tool Bag


With so many supplies and tools, storage is always important.  It must be functional and ideally look nice.  I know there are a lot of crafting carts being sold and suggested for gifts these days, but honestly, I don’t think they are very practical or can hold the amount of stuff a true crafter has.  Here are two storage ideas I use that would make any crafter happy to receive.

12. Container Store Drawers:  These plastic drawers from the Container Store are light weight yet durable with colorful translucent drawers.  They come in large and small sizes (I have many in both) so you have space for everything (these are the small ones shown). I’m particularly fond of being able to peek inside without actually having to open them because of the see through fronts as well as the bright colors for color coding the contents (ex.: Teal = Yarn)

Container store stackable storage drawers
Container Store Stackable Storage Drawers

13. Container Store Rotating Desktop Organizer:  This beautiful clear organizer adds polish to any crafting table and it’s extremely functional as well.  I just cleaned up my table with this and love that it rotates so you can easily get to everything.  The little segmented sections also hold all of the goodies that we crafters acquire over time.


There are so many wonderful crafting/DYI books out there, so here are just a few that I think stand out.

14. Martha Stewart Encyclopedia Of Crafts Book:  Whether you’re a Martha Stewart fan or not, this book covers SO many different crafts, some very traditional and some pretty modern.  The pictures are quite beautiful and the tutorials are so very thorough that its hard to not be inspired.  I know this isn’t the most recent book from her, but I think it still has a spot on any crafter’s bookshelf (I know its on mine!).

Martha stewart encyclopedia of crafts book
Martha Stewart Encyclopedia Of Crafts Book

15. Adult Coloring Books:  I was browsing Barnes and Noble’s Crafts and Hobbies best sellers recently and was surprised by how many books on the list were adult coloring books.  I knew that they were popular, just not THAT popular!  I have one myself which I love to color in with my colored pencils when I get the time.  It’s very relaxing with a cup of tea or hot chocolate.

Gift Cards

When in doubt, a gift card from a crafty place always works.  I like to get something small (like the mug or the craft twine) and tuck the card inside.  It looks pretty and is great inspiration for using the card.

16. GIFT CARDS TO CRAFT STORES:  Michaels and Hobby Lobby are 2 craft stores that are throughout the country.  They also ship, so online shopping is always an option too.

I hope this list was helpful in finding the perfect gift for the crafter in your life (or perhaps the perfect gift for yourself if you are a fellow crafter).  Yes, I’m a BIG fan of self gifting too!

Have a wonderful holidays and happy shopping!    Nikole

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