Simple DIY Glitter Valentine’s Day Cards

With Valentines Day coming up, I wanted to create some fun and pretty cards that you can make with just a few items.  This project originally started as a kids craft with my daughter, but I soon realized that if you’re not careful OR have a great vacuum, you will have glitter everywhere!  Thankfully, I have the latter (and a new appreciation for glitter glue, given that it’s a bit more contained when you have kids playing with it).  So, just a heads up to any adults making this projects with kids.  The hearts and balloons on the cards are created using just your fingers, no additional tools required.  Mix and match to make your own unique and sparkly Valentines Day cards.

Glitter Valentine's Day Cards
Glitter Valentine’s Day Cards

Glitter Valentine’s Day Cards

Supplies For Making Glitter Valentines Day Cards
Supplies For Making Glitter Valentine’s Day Cards

NOTE:  I used a baking sheet and some parchment paper placed inside it to keep the glitter contained and easily pick up the excess glitter for reuse.  Anything flat with a bit of a ridge around the edge could be used instead of the baking sheet.

Using Baking Sheet And Parchment Paper To Contain Glitter
Using A Baking Sheet And Parchment Paper To Contain The Glitter

Balloons Card

1. Add a bit of glue to a non-porous surface (I used a plastic container lid) and dip your finger into the glue.  Press your finger onto the card wherever you want one of the balloons.

Adding Glue To Card
Adding Glue To The Card

2. If you want a heart-shaped balloon, put your finger on the card in an angle (#1) and then again in the opposite direction (#2).  Finish by tapping your finger at the bottom where they meet (#3).  I noticed that if you don’t do step 3, a lot of the hearts don’t come out that great.

How To Make Heart Shape With Your Finger
How To Make A Heart Shape With Your Finger

3. Continue adding regular and heart-shaped balloons until you fill the front of the card.

Adding Balloon Shapes To Card With Glue
Adding Balloon Shapes To The Card With Glue

4. Add the glitter to the card.  Once you have all the colors added,  pick up the card and gently tilt the card in all directions (tapping if needed) to move the glitter over all of the areas that have glue. BE SURE to do this over the baking sheet, so any glitter that falls off falls in there.

Adding Glitter To Card
Adding The Glitter To The Card

5. Once all of the glued areas are covered, shake off the excess glitter into the baking sheet.

Finished Glitter Balloons
Finished Glitter Balloons

6. Add strings to the balloons with the pen (and a cute message to your Valentine).

Adding String To Balloons With Pen
Adding A String To The Balloons With A Pen

Heart Card

1. Draw a heart shape on the card with the glue bottle.  If it is easier to draw the shape in pencil first, please do.

Heart Drawn In Glue On Card
Heart Drawn In Glue On The Card

2. Smear the glue with your finger inward towards the center of the heart.  You don’t need to fill the heart, just smudge the clean line you created when you drew it.  I also smudged the arrow I added.

Smudging Glue On Card
Smudging The Glue On The Card

3. Add the glitter and tilt the card to distribute, similar to the balloon card.  Shake off the access into the baking sheet.

Adding Glitter To Card
Adding The Glitter To The Card

Once you’ve complete your Valentine’s Day cards, let them dry.

Variations Of Glitter Valentines Day Cards
Variations Of The Glitter Valentine’s Day Cards


  • If you put a sheet of paper in the baking sheet, the excess glitter can easily be collected for additional cards or saved for another project.
  • There will still be a few flecks of glitter stuck on the dry cards.  You can blow them off, but I found the nozzle attachment of the vacuum very handy for sucking them up without harming the cards.
  • Be sure to vacuum (or clean up in another manner) right after finishing the cards as the glitter seems to spread quickly everywhere else in your house that you did not intend it to.  I’m still finding more around the room because I did not clean up right after.

With just a bit of glue, glitter, and your fingers, the possibilities are endless and you can quickly have a beautiful Valentines Day card that will rival any store-bought one.

I’d love to hear about how your cards turned out or what other great Valentine’s Day cards ideas you have.  Please let me know in the comments.

Happy Glittery Valentines Day!    Nikole

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