How To Make Glitter Light Bulb Ornaments

It’s that time of year again to deck the tree and create some awesome DIY projects.  As is our running theme in my house, at least one of these projects needs to involve glitter, so these glitter light bulb ornaments are perfect!  They are pretty quick to make, minus the drying time.  Glitter up your tree with them or, if you’re willing to part with them, add them to any gift to make it more special.

How To Make Glitter Light Bulb Ornaments for Christmas
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Glitter Light Bulb Ornaments

Supplies for making glitter light bulb ornaments
Supplies For Making Glitter Light Bulb Ornaments

TIP:  I would suggest using a lined tray when you are working with the glitter.  I just use a baking tray lined with parchment paper.  The paper will catch the extra glitter, so you can reuse it.  It also makes for easy cleanup!

1. Remove the top of the ornament and set it aside.  You won’t need it again until the end of the project.

Ornament with top removed
Ornament With The Top Removed

2. Paint a coat of Mod Podge on the entire outside of the ornament with the foam brush.  Leave the top rim Mod Podge-free as it will be covered with the top in the end.

Mod podge painted on body of ornament
Mod Podge Painted On The Body Of The Ornament

3. Sprinkle, pour or spoon the glitter onto the ornament.  Note that it may take a few rounds of glitter to completely cover up the Mod Podge (as in the pic below where this spot is not completely covered yet).  Work fast before the Mod Podge dries.

Covering ornament in glitter
Covering The Ornament In Glitter

4. Place the ornament upside down on a flat surface to dry.

5. Pour any excess glitter that fell onto the paper into cups.  I prefer to use 5oz Dixie cups.

Excess glitter in paper cups
Excess Glitter In Paper Cups

TIP:  You can create some amazing colors, and reuse excess glitter, by pouring glitter colors together in the cups.

6. Super important step!!  Once the ornaments are completely dry, spray them with the Clear Matte Spray.  It won’t affect the color, but it keeps the ornaments from shedding glitter everywhere.

7. Once the spray dries, put the top back on and attach string or hooks for hanging.

Finished glitter light bulb ornaments
Finished Glitter Light Bulb Ornaments
Have fun decorating, DIYing, and gifting this holiday season!  May all, or at least some, of your ornaments be glittery!    Nikole

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