Super Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Cards For Kids

Last year’s Glitter Valentine’s Day Cards were fun to make and very pretty, but definitely more of an adult/older child project (unless you like cleaning up glitter everywhere). I learned that the hard way, so this year I wanted cards that my daughter and I could make with little to no cleanup and the same amount of cuteness.  We strolled through the aisles of the craft store and ended up picking out foam stickers in red, pink, white.  There were a number of shapes to play with which was great for making lots of different patterns.  I was also a big fan of using stickers (i.e. no need for glue), so we could keep the mess to a minimum.  Brilliant!  Using basic white blank cards (and a hot pink one here and there) along with simple patterns, we made cards that looked as nice as any fancy cards in the store, but for a fraction of the price.  My daughter especially liked the “mommy-daughter girl time”, definite bonus points!!

Super Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Cards For Kids

Foam Sticker Valentine’s Day Cards

Heart stickers for valentine's day cards
Heart Stickers For The Valentine’s Day Cards

1. Lay out the stickers in whatever pattern you choose on the card.  It’s much easier to adjust if they’re not stuck down.

Super Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Cards For Kids

2. Once you like the pattern, remove the backing and stick them to the card.  TIP:  If the pattern covers the entire card, start in the middle and work your way out.  This helps the pattern be centered on the card rather than shifted to one side.

3. OPTIONAL: Use crayons, markers, or pens to add additional decorations to the cards.  Definitely, something my daughter enjoyed!

4. Add a sweet holiday message to the inside of the card and you’re ready to pop it in an envelope and deliver!

I think these Valentine’s Day cards will be great for the parents, grandparents and teachers this year (not to mention significant other!).  A personalized touch that’s inexpensive and no mess to clean up!  Plus the mommy daughter girl time (or mommy son time) is always priceless!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!    Nikole

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