Hot Chocolate Tubes: Create Super Cute Gifts

DIY Hot chocolate tube gifts and favors

When the weather gets colder, hot chocolate is that perfect comforting drink that can be super simple, dressed up with marshmallows and candy cane, or even made adult with some liquor. These hot chocolate tubes gifts are super easy to make, inexpensive and can be made in a number of sizes/options. I will show you how to make simple favors for any party or event (like a winter wedding), a mug gift for friends and family, and a larger basket gift that would make a lovely host/hostess gift.

What kind of hot chocolate/cocoa should I use?

For this project I used Swiss Miss because my kiddos have taste-tested a number of brands and this is their favorite. I tried making homemade hot chocolate last year and was disappointed with the results, so I will leave the recipes to the food bloggers out there. So, to answer the question, whatever your taste buds like will work just fine!

What topping/mix-ins are good for hot chocolate gifts?

I am sticking with some basics for this project (chocolate chips, marshmallows, and candy canes) because I know they melt into the hot chocolate well and taste good. Feel free to explore more options, however, keep in mind that someone will be drinking it eventually, so it should be taste good as well as cute.

Ok, let’s create super cute yummy gifts!

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Hot Chocolate Tubes Gifts

Hot Chocolate Tube Supplies


  • As I mentioned above, use whatever premade or homemade hot chocolate mix you like. Keep in mind that it takes about 1/4 cup mix per 8oz water/milk. For the tubes I’m using, 3/8 cup mix per tube is added to get a 12oz drink, so plan accordingly.
  • If you want to add chocolate chips I strongly recommend using mini chips. They will more easily fill the tube as well as melt into the hot chocolate. I chose semi-sweet chocolate, but milk or dark chocolate mini chips will work as well.
  • Dehydrated marshmallow bits are the same thing that you will find in premade hot chocolate with marshmallows. They are much smaller and harder than traditional mini marshmallows, but with the same flavor. I highly prefer using them in the tubes because they fit better and you can pack more in.
  • For this project I used candy canes and broke them up with the back of a metal measuring cup (a hammer created COMPLETE powder). While I was fine with the results, I found a bag of candy cane bits later at Michael’s and they were much nicer because of the lack of candy cane powder/dust which settles in EVERY crack. Candy cane bits create a cleaner line between the layers…if you can, BUY candy cane bits!
  • There are a number of plastic tubes out there and the size will really determine how large the hot cocoa drink will be. I used this 115ml tube which allows for 3/8 cup of hot chocolate plus toppings (for a 12oz drink) AND has a twist top!! Definitely, use tubes with twist tops!! The cork tops are cute, but not the most practical and can fall out pretty easily which makes quite the mess.



For the individual tubes, the goal is to get an entire serving of hot chocolate with the additional mix-ins all in the tube. You can vary the mix-ins for more variety and fun (and yummy tastes).

1. Fill the plastic tube with hot chocolate (3/8 cup). I like using a funnel which makes it easy and minimal clean up.

Filling plastic tube with hot chocolate
Filling The Plastic Tube With Hot Chocolate

2. Give the tube a few taps to make sure the powder is settled before adding the additional ingredient(s).

3. Now is the fun part! Add the chocolate chips, candy cane bits, and/or marshmallow bits. Use a paper funnel or your clean hands rather than the funnel you used with the mix as things will get stuck. After each layer, give the tube a small tap again to settle everything and pack it in (it looks better when it is tightly filled).

Tubes filled with variety of hot chocolate mixes
Tubes Are Filled With A Variety Of Hot Chocolate Mixes

4. Once filled, twist on the cap and add a ribbon to the top for extra cuteness. If you are giving away each individually as favors, be sure to punch a hole in the gift tag/instructions and string on the ribbon prior to tying.

Ribbon added to plastic tube
Ribbon Is Added To The Tube

5. If you are making the mug gift, you can create 3 or 4 hot chocolate tubes (depending on how many fit in the mug). I used a fun 16oz mug from Target, so 4 fit just perfect! Be sure to add a tag (see below) to one of the tubes or the mug handle and you are finished!

Hot chocolate tubes gift in Christmas mug
Hot Chocolate Tubes Gift In Christmas Mug


For the hot chocolate gift basket, the plastic tubes will be filled completely with the additional flavors/mix-ins for the hot chocolate. Not only do they look cute, but they are easy to pour and don’t take up a lot of space in the basket. A quart-size mason jar will hold all of that yummy hot chocolate mix.

1. Make a funnel out of paper (I used printer paper) to fill the tubes with the mix-ins (choc. chips, marshmallow bit, candy cane bits). It will go faster than using your hands (since you are filling the whole tube) and much easier than a traditional funnel (since everything gets stuck in it).

Using paper funnel to fill tube with crushed candy cane
Using A Paper Funnel To Fill A Tube With Crushed Candy Cane

2. When you get each tube filled to the top, give it a few taps to make sure everything settles well (add more if there is space) and screw the cap on. Add the ribbon to each tube.

3. Fill the mason jar with hot chocolate mix.

4. Now is the fun part of putting the basket together. Add tissue or shredded paper to the bottom (enough that everything stands up nicely in the basket. Add the mug(s), mason jar of hot chocolate, mix-in tubes and a few candy canes for good measure.

5. Add the tag (see below) to the basket and you are finished!

Hot chocolate tubes gift basket
Hot Chocolate Tubes Gift Basket

So, there you have it! Hot chocolate tube favors, mug or basket gifts…there’s one for any occasion. Hope they add a smile to all that receive them! Happy DIYing!

~ Nikole

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