Quick & Easy Christmas Ornaments Decoration That You Can Hang Anywhere

I’m thrilled to finally start decorating for Christmas!  Even though I haven’t pulled the tree out yet (which is always a bit time consuming), I have a quick and simple Christmas ornaments decoration project that I used last year and again this year, and is definitely worth sharing.  With only a handful or a few dozen ornaments and some ribbon, you can create a shiny, colorful cluster that can be hung anywhere.

Christmas Ornaments Hanging Decoration
Christmas Ornaments Hanging Decoration

HANGING Christmas Ornaments Decoration

  • Ball Ornaments (I chose 18 in two different sizes)
  • Ribbon (about 3/8″ wide, roughly 2-3′ per ornament)
  • Scissors
Christmas ball ornaments
Christmas Ball Ornaments

1. Cut enough pieces of ribbon for all of the ornaments you want to use.  For my project, I had 9 large and 9 small ornaments, so I cut 18 pieces.

RIBBON LENGTH: To determine the length of the ribbon pieces, figure out where you will be hanging it.  Measure the longest length you would want an ornament to hang plus about 4″ for the ends.  I cut 2′ pieces.

2. Tie each ornament to a piece of ribbon.  Leave about a 1″ tail.

Christmas Ornaments Tied With Ribbon
Christmas Ornaments Tied With The Ribbon

3. Start arranging the ornaments.  Hang the cluster from your hand, just as it would hang on a hook, and add one ornament at a time, adjusting the height of each one until it looks visually appealing to you.

Large Ornaments Arranged Together
Large Ornaments Arranged Together


  • Start with the longest ornament and work your way up.  The ribbons get less tangled and tend to hang nicer.
  • If you are hanging your arrangement against a wall, like I am, be sure to place it up against a wall or door a few times when you are arranging the ornaments.  They will move because of the wall and may need further adjusting.
  • If you are using multiple size ornaments, start with the largest and work smaller.  The smaller ornaments fit nicely in the gaps left by the large ones.  The only exception is the longest ornament (the one on the bottom).  No matter what size, it is best to start with that one, so you know how long the decoration will be.

4. As I mentioned in Tips, add the smaller ornaments to the cluster.  Fill in the gaps and vary the colors until you get the balance and look you want.

Small Ornaments Are Added To Hanging Arrangement
Small Ornaments Are Added To The Hanging Arrangement

5. Tie all of the ribbons together where your hand was holding them.  This should also be at the length where you want them to hang from.  Cut the ribbon ends, leaving a 1″ tail.

Finished Christmas Ornaments Decoration Hanging On Wall
Finished Christmas Ornaments Decoration Hanging On The Wall

Hang your Christmas ornaments against a wall, in front of a mirror or window, or as a festive chandelier.  I created several to add some Christmas cheer to one of the walls in our living room.  Now onto the lights and tree…

For More Ornament PROJECTs:

Do you have any fun ideas for ornaments?  I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

Happy Holidays!    Nikole

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