Pom Pom Valentines Wreath: Colorful and Easy to Make

Ok, I have a confession to make.  I love pom pom wreaths, but I‘m not a fan of making pom poms.  They take a while to make, especially if you’re trying to cover something like a wreath.  Anyone else feel like that?  We also just happen to have tons of store-bought pom poms in our house (I seriously think we collect them).  They are so soft, fluffy and the bright colors make you want to buy them because of course you’ll find a project for them…eventually.  So, here we go…a perfect use for those pom poms…a pom pom Valentines wreath!  Switch up the colors and you could make one for any holiday OR just because!

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Pom Pom Valentine Wreath

What You’ll Need:
Supplies for Valentine Pom Pom Wreath
Supplies For The Valentine Pom Pom Wreath


  • The Wreath – For this project I preferred a flat back wreath as opposed to a round one. Less area to cover with ribbon and pom poms.  It also lays on the table better while you’re decorating.  You can find it in the floral design section of the craft store. NOTE: If you cannot, which I recently wasn’t able to, you can either take a round wreath and carefully slice it with a serrated knife (bread knife works GREAT!) or use as a round wreath (but you will need more ribbon and pom poms).
  • Ribbon – There are 2 reasons for wrapping the wreath in ribbon.  The first is to cover the styrofoam, protecting it (as styrofoam pieces will flake off).  The second is to create a smooth, solid color surface that will look good if peeking out as well as make attaching pom poms easier.  I prefer a satin ribbon without wire as it gives you better flexibility to pull as needed to cover properly.  Also, I used one that was 1.5” wide.  If you use a ribbon with a thinner width, keep in mind that you will need more ribbon.
  • Pom Poms – There are so many sizes, colors and textures of pom poms out there and, in my opinion, for this wreath, the more variety the better.  I used 1” and 1/2” pom poms the most, but also found that the tiny 1/4” and super large 1.5” ones were equally useful.  Particularly when you were trying to trying to cover holes or fill large spaces, respectively.

Wrapping The Wreath in Ribbon

1. First things first, plug in your glue gun and let it heat up.  Once it’s hot, turn the wreath over so the flat side is facing you.  Take the end of your ribbon and pointing towards the inside of the wreath, attach it with hot glue at an angle.  The direction that the ribbon is wrapped in will become important later when you add the loop to hang it with!

Attaching ribbon to wreath with hot glue
Attaching Ribbon To The Wreath With Hot Glue

2. Let the glue cool for a minute so it has a bit of strength and then begin to wrap the wreath with the ribbon.

Beginning to wrap ribbon around styrofoam wreath
Beginning To Wrap The Ribbon Around The Styrofoam Wreath

3. If you flip the wreath over to the front (curved) side, like in the pic below, you’ll be able to see where the ribbon overlaps at the outside of the wreath.  This will help to insure no styrofoam is showing.  Also useful if trying to get the most area covered with your ribbon (see the TIP below).

Wrapping wreath with ribbon
Wrapping Wreath With Ribbon

TIP: I mentioned in step 3 how to cover as much area as possible with your ribbon.  Well….this pic below is the SECOND time I wrapped my wreath because the first time I did it, I wasn’t paying attention to how much the ribbon was overlapping. It only got 3/4 of the way around the wreath (and I hadn’t bought a second roll of ribbon).  I rewrapped it and got much closer, but still ended up buying another roll.  The takeaway….buy 2 rolls or at least 5 yards of ribbon (if it’s 1.5” wide).

Ribbon not completely wrapped around wreath
Ribbon Not Completely Wrapped Around The Wreath

4. If you run out of ribbon from your first roll, secure the end of that ribbon at the back of the wreath with glue and cut any extra ribbon off.  Glue on the new ribbon and continue to wrap until the styrofoam is completely covered.

Adding The Loop For Hanging

5.  Remember the direction of the ribbon that I mentioned in step 1.  Here’s where it’s important.  When you finish wrapping the wreath, turn it over so the back is facing you.

6. Without cutting the ribbon, glue the ribbon down to the back of the wreath.  Be sure that the ribbon is NOT at an angle, but rather pointing straight out from the center of the wreath.  Make a loop by turning it back into the center and glue down.  Cut off the extra ribbon.

Creating hanging loop with ribbon
Creating The Hanging Loop For Hanging

7. Flip the wreath back over and now you have a wreath that’s ready for decorating.

Wreath wrapped with ribbon and ready for pom poms
Wreath Is Wrapped With Ribbon And Ready For Pom Poms

Gluing The Pom Poms On

This is a view of the side of the wreath.  We are going to cover the entire front of the wreath with pom poms which, since the front is rounded, means everything that’s not the flat back.

Wreath view from the side
Wreath View From The Side

8. Here is a close up of my pile of pom poms.  There are so many sizes, colors, and textures.  Since there are some pom poms that I definitely want to use and I’m not sure how many it will take to completely cover the wreath I start with those first.  I’m sure you have a few favorites too, so pull them out of your pile now.

Pom pom pile for Valentine Pom Pom Wreath
Pom Pom Pile For The Valentine Pom Pom Wreath

9. Starting with one type and size of pom pom, add hot glue to each pom pom (or to the wreath itself) and glue it to the wreath.

First pom poms on Valentine Pom Pom Wreath
First Pom Poms Added To Wreath

TIP:  To get them evenly distributed around the wreath as well as the inside, middle, and outside of the curved surface, I rotated the wreath a quarter turn after I glued each one down.  This makes you look at the wreath from multiple angles, so you can see gaps better and where pom poms are getting bunched up.

10. Once you’ve finished all of the pom poms of a certain type, move onto the next group, rotating as you go (see progress pics below).  Continue in this manner until all of the ribbon on the wreath is hidden by pom poms.

Adding pom poms to wreath
Adding Pom Poms To The Wreath

And there you have it!  A super cute and colorful Valentines Pom Pom wreath that’s easy to make and requires only a few supplies.  The girls love touching it because it feels so neat and I’m a big fan of the different textures.  I hope you’ll give it a try.

Finished Valentine Pom Pom Wreath

How are you decorating for Valentine’s Day?

Happy Glue Gunning and Valentine’s Day!!   Nikole

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