Pipe Cleaner Pig: A Cute And Fuzzy Kids Craft

At bedtime, one of my girls’ favorite songs to sing is Old MacDonald.  Some nights are actual farm animals and others night a bit…well, more creative.  We’ve been crafting a lot lately and decided to use our stash of pipe cleaners to create this fuzzy pipe cleaner pig to go with their favorite song.  Hoping to add more animals to their farm in the near future.  This cutie is pretty easy to make.  I know it looks like a lot of steps, but I just wanted it to be as clear and thorough as possible for you.  Hope you and your kids enjoy!

Pipe cleaner pig


Pipe Cleaner Pig

What You’ll Need:
Supplies for making pipe cleaner pig
Supplies For Making A Pipe Cleaner Pig

1. Take one of the thin pipe cleaners and cut it into 3 4″ pieces.  Set them aside.

cutting pipe cleaner in 4 inch pieces
Cutting The Pipe Cleaner In 4″ Pieces


2. Take the thick pipe cleaner and wrap it around the Sharpie pen.  Slide it off.

wrapping thick pipe cleaner around sharpie pen to create pig body
Wrapping The Thick Pipe Cleaner Around A Sharpie Pen To Create The Pig Body

3. Turn the body of the pig, so one end is facing you.  Bend the end of the pipe cleaner inward to hide the hole where the pen was.  Repeat on the other side.

Bending end of pipe cleaner to cover opening where pen was
Bending The End Of The Pipe Cleaner To Cover The Opening Where The Pen Was


4. Take one of the 4″ pipe cleaners you cut earlier and slide it through one loop in the body of the pig.  Twist it back around the loop and pull the ends, so the new “legs” pipe cleaner is securely attached to the body.

Attaching pipe cleaner legs
Attaching The Pipe Cleaner Legs

5. Bend the legs of the pig, so they are pointed in the same direction.  Repeat with another 4″ piece on the other side of the body to complete the pig’s legs.

Bending pig's legs and adding second set of legs
Bending The Pig’s Legs And Adding The Second Set Of Legs


6. Holding the body of the pig on its side, make a bend in one of the legs at about 1/2″.  This will become the foot. (Technically, you could stop here and snip off the extra, leaving 1/2″ (if you do, skip step #7).  I personally don’t like the pointy end, so I make rounded feet, step #7.)

Bending pipe cleaner to make pig feet
Bending The Pipe Cleaner To Make Pig Feet

7. Bend the pipe cleaner foot at about 1/2″ towards the back of the pig.  Snip off any extra pipe cleaner that goes past the leg with the wire cutter.

Creating rounded pipe cleaner pig feet
Creating The Rounded Pipe Cleaner Pig Feet
Finished pig foot
Finished Pig Foot

8. Complete the other pig feet.

All pig feet completed
All Pig Feet Completed


9. Take the last whole pipe cleaner and wrap it around the pencil 2 times.

Wrapping pipe cleaner around pencil
Wrapping The Pipe Cleaner Around A Pencil

10. Take the pipe cleaner off of the pencil and place it at the end of the Sharpie pen.  Continue wrapping the pipe cleaner around the Sharpie one more time.

Wrapping pipe cleaner around Sharpie pen to create head of pig
Wrapping The Pipe Cleaner Around The Sharpie Pen To Create The Head Of The Pig

11. Turn the head, so the long end is facing you.  Bend it inward towards the center and then straight back away from the head. (We do this to help the head line up with the body when we connect them.)

Bending pipe cleaner head so its ready to connect to body
Bending The Pipe Cleaner Head So Its Ready To Connect To The Body

12. Push the long end from the head through the body of the pig to connect them and pull snug.

Connecting pipe cleaner head to body of pig
Connecting The Pipe Cleaner Head To The Body Of The Pig

13. Turn the pig to face you and bend the end inward to hide the hole from where the pencil was.

Bending end inward to hide hole from where pencil was
Bending The End Inward To Hide The Hole From Where The Pencil Was


14. Take the end from the head and slide it through the last loop in the body.  Careful (and slowly) pull the end snug around the loop.  This will secure the pig’s head to the body.

Securing head of pipe cleaner pig to body
Securing The Head Of The Pig To The Body

15. Use the tip of the pencil to curl the end and create the pig’s curly tail.  Cut the remaining extra off using the wire cutters.

Creating pig tail with pencil
Creating The Pig’s Tail With A Pencil


16. Take the last 4″ piece of pipe cleaner and slide it through the first loop in the body (next to the head).  Bend it up so it creates a big V.

Adding pipe cleaner for pig ears
Adding The Pipe Cleaner For The Pig Ears

17. Bend an ear at 1/2″ to create a pointy ear.  Trim the extra pipe cleaner, being sure to leave enough to tuck the end back into the pig’s body.

Bending pipe cleaner to create ear
Bending The Pipe Cleaner To Create The Ear

18. Tuck the end back into the body (between the loops).  Repeat with the other ear.

Finishing pig ear
Finishing The Pig’s Ear


19. Use the black Sharpie to create two dots at the end of the head to finish the nose.

Adding nose to pig
Adding The Nose To The Pig

20. Add the googly eyes to the head using either craft glue or hot gun.  (NOTE: As I mentioned above, if you have younger kids (I have a 3 and 7 year old) or will be playing with them a lot, use the hot glue to attach the eyes.  We road-tested our pigs heavily and the craft glue did not hold up nearly as well!  The hot glue was MUCH better!!)

Adding googly eyes to pig
Adding The Googly Eyes To The Pig

And there you have it!  A cute little fuzzy pipe cleaner pig that’ll make the kids (and adults) smile.  My girls have had a ton of fun with these piggies!  So much so that I had to sneak in these last finished pics! 🙂

Finished pipe cleaner pigs
Finished Pipe Cleaner Pigs

Have fun crafting and let me know what you named your pig.  We named ours Coffee Toffee and Miss Piggy.


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