Fun And Easy Glitter Glue And Felt Craft For Kids

I have a little girl that adores glitter glue and would use it in every craft project if she could!  While I really wanted her to explore and create, I also wanted my house to stay relatively glitter free.  So, while on our regular trip to the craft store, we found these super cute (and cheap) felt shapes and that is how the glitter glue felt creatures craft project was born.  She could get her hands super glittery (it washes off thankfully) and because you can hang them up, it minimizes how far the glitter can wander through the house.

Glitter Glue and Felt Craft for Kids

Glitter Glue Creatures

Supplies for glitter glue felt shape kids craft project
Supplies For Making A Glitter Glue Felt Shape

1. Punch a hole at the top of the shape where you want to hang it from.

Punching hole in felt shape
Punching Hole In The Felt Shape

2. Add glitter glue and smear around to mix the colors.

Adding glitter glue to felt shape
Adding Glitter Glue To The Felt Shape

3. Once you are finished with the one side, let dry overnight (and wash those glittery hands).

My child's glittery hands after using glitter glue
My Child’s Glittery Hands After Using Glitter Glue

4. Repeat on the other side and let dry.

5. Add Google eyes with the craft glue.

6. Use the string or fishing line to hang up.

If you are hanging the felt creatures on a wall, only one side needs to be glitter glued.  We have always done both sides though as it gives my daughter more opportunity to play and create.  If anyone has any other fun glitter glue craft projects for kids, let me know in the comments.  I have an energetic little girl who would love to try it out!!

Happy Glitter Gluing!!    Nikole

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