16 Useful and Thoughtful Gifts For Gardeners

With the holidays drawing nearer, the quest for the ideal gift begins.  If you have any gardeners in your life, whether first starting out or a mature veteran, there are plenty of gift options to support their wonderful hobby.  Here are 15 useful and thoughtful gifts for gardeners from a fellow gardener.  You’ll probably notice a few running themes in the tools I’ve selected below:  Quality (durability), reasonably priced, and effective (oh, and colorful!) because gardening doesn’t need to be hard and it shouldn’t break the bank!  I also personally have each one (or multiples), so I can attest to the quality and effectiveness (and the color).

Gifts for gardeners gift guide list

Gifts for Gardeners

Garden Tools

1. Dirty Little Digger:  A trowel is a must have tool for any gardener, but the little digger takes it up a notch with its multi-tasking features.  In addition to the traditional and nicely sized scoop, the serrated edges easily cuts through roots and breaks up hard dirt clumps.  The scoop also contains depth markings taking the guesswork out of planting (especially for bulbs!).  It comes in 4 fun colors (I have a blue and a green one!).

Dirty little digger garden trowel from gardener's supply
Dirty Little Digger Garden Trowel

2. Stainless Steel Garden Claw Rake: This garden rake is my newest tool for the garden and it makes loosening up the soil in the planters so easy. It’s made of Japanese stainless steel so its extra strong and durable as well as has a reinforced hardwood handle that feels nice in your hand.

Stainless steel garden claw rake
Garden Claw Rake

3. Hand Rake:  This little hand rake has been super helpful for quickly clearing leaves and other debri from my raised beds and planters.  It gets into spaces other rakes cannot because of its size and has made some of gardening’s necessary, but not pleasant tasks much more bearable!

Hand rake
Hand Rake

4. Basket Shears: I cannot rave about these basket shears enough!  I use them to cut everything in my garden.  The handles were designed to easily cut through basket weaving reed, so they snip through vines, branches, zip ties, you name it like butter.  Definitely easy on my hands and something I would not want to garden without!

Basket Shears
Basket Shears

Garden Supplies

5. Deep Seat Garden Kneeler:  This kneeler is very versatile as both a high or low seat and a kneeler, so its great for raised beds or work on the ground.  It’s seat is larger than most which makes it extremely comfortable (especially when you have to share the seat with a 2yr old).  I have it in purple, shown here, but it also comes in traditional green and blue.

Deep seat Kneeler for gardening
Deep Seat Kneeler

6. Nitrile Gardening Glove:  These gardening gloves are light weight yet durable and protective.  They are the only ones I’ll wear as I don’t like anything thick or bulky that I can’t “feel” what I’m doing in.  They come in a number of colors (I have purple and green) and at a very reasonable price, so you can buy a few pairs (which is especially useful for gardeners like me who may lose some throughout the season as well as buy them for my daughters).

Gardening Gloves
Gardening Gloves

7. Tubtrug The tubtrug is an extremely durable basket that works great for planting, harvesting, and watering, as well as other non-garden tasks.  It comes in a number of sizes (3.5 Gal, 4 Gal, 7 Gal, 11 Gal, and 20 Gal) and a ton of fun colors.  I have the 3.5 Gal and 7 Gal and especially love that they’re flexible enough to hold in one hand with the handles together (something most rigid containers cannot do).

Tubtrug bucket
Tubtrug Bucket

8. Tubtrug Colander:  This colander fits inside all of the tubtrug sizes and is great for quickly washing up fruits and veggies right in the garden.  I’m a big fan of keeping the garden dirt in the garden and not my kitchen and the colander helps me quickly and effectively do that.

Tubtrug Colander
Tubtrug Colander

9. Planting Tray:  These trays are extremely durable and have numerous uses throughout the seasons.  They are a great base for indoor or overwintering plants as well as seed starting.  In the summer they make great mobile potting stations.  I’ve even used them for wet/muddy shoes.

Small Planter Tray
Small Planter Tray


10. Greenhouse Ornament11. Trowel Ornament:  These ornaments are a beautiful gift to any gardener and addition to any tree.  Also, great if you’re unsure of what tools they may or may not have!

Greenhouse Ornament
Greenhouse Ornament
Trowel Ornament
Trowel Ornament


12. Small Garden Book:  I’ve had this book for a long time and its just as relevant now as it was then.  The pictures are beautiful and show that no matter what size space you have, you can always have an oasis from everything.  Great inspiration for any gardener!

Small Gardens book
Small Gardens Book

13. Backyard Harvest Book This book is great for any gardeners growing fruits or vegetables!  It’s super helpful outlining what to do each month for planting and harvesting.  There are also really useful step-by-step tips with tons of pictures and yummy recipes!

Backyard Harvest gardening book
Backyard Harvest Gardening Book

Gift Cards and Certificates

Gift cards can definitely be a quick and easy gift, but which ones are the best to buy for gardeners?  I am definitely bias, but here are some tried and true winners.

14. Gift Certificates for Bulb Lovers:  Van Engelen Inc. has an amazing variety of beautiful bulbs that I’ve always had great luck with blooming.  Their website is easy to navigate with colorful pics of all of the flowers, so you can easily see what you are buying.

15. Gift Cards for Seeds and Plants:  I’ve been buying all of my vegetable and herb seeds from Pinetree Garden Seeds for the past 7 years.  They have SO many varieties of vegetables, flowers, and herbs at extremely reasonable prices with great results!  This is one of the few catalogs that I am always looking forward to each year!

16. Gift Cards for Garden Supplies:  Gardener’s Supply has been and still is one of my go-to resources for useful, quality garden supplies.  Many of the tools in this list can be found there, so when in doubt, gift cards are golden!

I hope you find the perfect gifts for the gardener in your life.

Have a wonderful holidays and happy shopping!    Nikole
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