Create Tissue Paper Mason Jar Lanterns With Your Kids

My oldest daughter loves exploring our backyard at night and anything that glows or shines in the dark (I.e. flashlights, glow sticks, LED tea lights, you name it…).  With that in mind, and a bit of inspiration from Pinterest, I thought some tissue paper mason jar lanterns would be a perfect new project for us to stick with the glowing theme.  It also gave us a chance to use our new jar of Mod Podge.  I can’t believe I’ve done so many craft projects throughout the years and never used the stuff!  I can definitely think some other fun I’ll be using it for (and sharing with you) in the future.

Ok, back to the mason jar lanterns.  For some of the projects I share with you it takes a few tries to work out the kinks.  I can learn and improve upon it and pass on those lessons learned to you.  This one in particular required several reworks to get the handle right, so it stays in place for little hands.  Hope you and your kiddos enjoy making them and using them on their next adventure!

DIY Tissue Paper Mason Jar Lanterns For Kids

Tissue Paper Mason Jar Lanterns

Supplies for tissue paper mason jar lantern kids craft
Supplies For Tissue Paper Mason Jar Kid’s Craft

1.  Use the foam brush to apply a coat of Mod Podge to the outside and bottom of the mason jar starting below the rim where you screw the cap on.  Do not apply it to the rim or lip below the rim.  It keeps it cleaner and allows you something to hold onto.

2.  Add the pieces of tissue paper to the outside in whatever pattern you like, or random.  They can overlap a little or a lot (the more overlap, the less see through, but the more the colors blend).

Adding pieces of tissue paper to mason jar
Adding Pieces Of Tissue Paper To The Mason Jar

3.  After the jar is completely covered with tissue, allow the Mod Podge to dry.

Mod podge drying on mason jar
Mod Podge Is Drying On The Mason Jar

4.  Once dry, apply another layer (or two) of Mod Podge over the top of the tissue paper to seal it to the jar and create this stained glass-like look.

Painting mod podge over tissue paper on mason jar
Painting Mod Podge Over The Tissue Paper On The Mason Jar

TIP: For all of those delicate paper flaps that weren’t glued down with the original round of Mod Podge, I found that dabbing them with a Mod Podge soaked foam brush first got them to lay flat.  Then they could be brushed over without tearing.

5.  Let the Mod Podge dry completely.

6.  To create the handle, you will need to create two loops in the wire, one at the end and one half way around the jar lid.  For the loop at the end, wrap the wire around one side of the needle nose pliers.  Make sure to wrap the tail/end of the wire completely, so it does not stick out and poke anyone.

Create loop on end of wire
Creating A Loop On The End Of The Wire

TIP: If you are looking for a prettier, more consistent rounded loop, use a jewelry round nose pliers, instead of the traditional, or chain nose pliers.

7.  Hold the wire under the lip of the mason jar and wrap it around until it reaches half way.  Put a kink in the wire, so you know where the half way point is.

Measuring half way point around rim of mason jar with wire
Measuring The Half Way Point Around The Rim Of The Mason Jar With The Wire

8.  Take your pliers again and make another loop where the kink was.

Making loop at half way point of wire
Making A Loop At The Half Way Point Of The Wire

9.  Place the wire under the lip of the mason jar lid again and wrap it around the jar.  Thread the end of the wire through the first loop and pull snug.

Looping wire around rim of mason jar
Looping The Wire Around The Rim Of The Mason Jar

10.  Now bring the wire over the top of the jar to form the handle.  Make sure there’s plenty of space for little or big hands to hold it.  Slide the end through the second loop and twist it around itself to secure.

Finishing wire handle
Finishing The Wire Handle

11.  Take your pipe cleaner and wrap it around the wire to form a more comfortable handle.  You will most likely need 2, so wrap the 2 together prior to wrapping around the wire.

Wrapping wire handle with pipe cleaner
Wrapping The Wire Handle With Pipe Cleaner

Wallah!  A cute, inexpensive and fairly quick mason jar lantern that your kids (and even adults) can make.  Let it light up your outdoor adventures or indoor blanket tents!

And as always, have fun crafting and creating!    Nikole

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